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Welcome to the future of energy storage! Our cutting-edge solutions for power storage are designed to meet your needs.

Quotier industrial large capacity storage


We prioritize safety in industrial settings, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


We deliver emission-free power at any location.


Manage your energy reserves efficiently using our advanced monitoring and control systems, enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Our industrial units are designed to scale seamlessly as your operations grow. Achieve the power capacity you need, when you need it.

Outdoor solutions

Elevate your industry with high-capacity energy storage. In the industrial sector, reliable power storage is paramount. Discover the advantages of our large capacity storage solutions:

Shore power

Shore power solutions offer ships the option to plug into cleaner energy sources while docked, reducing emissions and air pollution in ports.

Emission-free construction site
Energy storage is crucial for supporting emission-free construction sites by providing reliable power during construction activities.
Clean energy for events

Large-scale events can rely on industrial energy storage for clean, reliable power, reducing generator noise and emissions, and ensuring a greener event experience.

Grid connections and reinforcements

Industrial energy storage supports grid stability by providing backup power during peak demand, preventing blackouts, and strengthening the grid infrastructure.

Mobile charging stations for EV’s

These portable stations charge electric vehicles quickly, even in remote locations, supporting electric mobility and reducing fossil fuel reliance.

And more

Industrial energy storage finds applications in various sectors, including hospitals, where it ensures uninterrupted power supply during emergencies, safeguarding critical healthcare services.

Take control of your energy with real time usage info

Seize command of your industrial energy with instant, actionable insights. Our advanced monitoring tools empower you to optimize energy consumption, minimize waste, and maximize productivity in real time.

Grid reinforcement

Grid reinforcement in the industrial sector means fortifying the electricity network to handle higher power demands and integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly, ensuring reliability and stability.

Energy storage

Industrial energy storage systems store surplus electricity efficiently, offering a reliable power supply during peak times, supporting renewable energy integration, and enhancing energy security for large-scale operations.

Fast charging

In the industrial setting, fast charging swiftly replenishes electric vehicle batteries, optimizing fleet operations and reducing downtime, making it a game-changer for businesses adopting electric mobility.

Quotier Energy Storage. Safe. Smart. Sustainable

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