Technical information

1000 kW / 2000 kWh Battery Energy Storage System

Flexible and Efficient

  • Intelligent temperature control at the cell level to improves system efficiency and battery cycle life.
  • Modular parallel design, automatic balance management, easy for system expansion and overall control.
  • Wide DC voltage operation range, flexible for battery configuration.

Safe and Reliable

  • Three- level BMS system monitoring, fully guarantee the safety of battery system.
  • Supporting local and remote monitoring.
  • Efficient vector control algorithm to realize decoupling control of active and reactive power.

Grid Friendly

  • Adjusting the active and reactive power following dispatching instruction in on-grid mode.
  • Grid support including black start, specified power factor control, peak shaving, peak shifting, back up, frequency response.

Highly Integrated

  • Highly integrated energy storage system for easy transportation, installation and operation.
  • Integrated with DAQ controller, HVAC and Firefighting system to enable smart communication, ensure system safety and facilitate EMS access.

DC Data

Cell typeLIFPO4 /3.2V/280Ah
Battery pack51.2V/280Ah(1P*16S); 14.33kWh
Battery rack768V/280Ah(1P*16S) 215.04 kWh
Battery capacity (Beginning of life) 2000 kWh
Battery voltage range 672V ~ 864V
Rated Charge C-rate 0.5C

AC Data

AC output power1000kW
Max. AC power1100KVA
Max. AC current2016A
Nominal AC voltage315Vac/400Vac, 3W+N+PE
AC voltage range315Vac/400Vac, (-20%~+15%)
Grid frequency (Grid frequency range)50/60Hz
AC current THD<3%
Power factor / Adjustable power factor>0.99(at nominal power)/1 leading-1 lagging
Adjustable reactive power-100%~100%

AC side (Off-Grid)

Nominal AC voltage315Vac/400Vac, 3W+N+PE
AC voltage range315Vac/400Vac, (-20%~+15%)
AC voltage THD<3% (linear load)
Unbalance load capacity100%
Over-load capacity110% (long-term operation)


Max. efficiency>97.5%


Overvoltage protectionDC Type II / AC Type II
Grid monitoring / Ground fault monitoring / Insulation monitoringYes / Yes / Yes
Overheat protectionYes

General Data

Dimensions (W * D * H)mm12192x2438x2896
Isolation methodTransformer
Ingress protection ratingIP54
Operating ambient temperature range-30~+55℃
Relative humidity range0~95% (no condensation)
Cooling method of battery chamberHVAC
Cooling method of PCS chamberIntelligent forced air cooling
Firefighting system of battery bankExtinguishment system
Operating altitude2000m
DisplayTouch screen
Communication interfacesRS485 / CAN/ Ethernet
Communication protocolsMODBUS-RTU/MODBUS-TCP
CertificatesCE, UN38.3, IEC62619, IEC6100-6-4

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